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Fleet Management

Fleet Maintenance

In transport companies, efficiency is everything. Customers expect their products to be delivered on time and meeting these expectations is essential for the company to have a steady profit.

Anything that causes delivery delays must be minimized or eliminated. With the help of GPS tracker devices, timely maintenance of the vehicle can significantly reduce the number of unexpected breakdowns and problems, contributing to the development of the business, its reliability and the improvement of its services.

Keeping the company’s fleet in good condition is vital. The loss of many vehicles or even one of them due to unexpected breakdowns can cause significant losses and complications in the scheduled work and routes.

To avoid the “headache” associated with maintaining a fleet of vehicles and make life easier for customers, Skytrack offers the solution to the above problems. The fleet maintenance process can be fully automated with the help of GPS tracking devices and the GPRS fleet management platform!

The larger the fleet, the more attractive this solution is for a business. Monitoring maintenance programs is easy and fast, with settings and reminders that can be adapted to the needs of each company and each vehicle separately. For example, a predetermined date for vehicle service can be set or an alert can be set when the vehicle exceeds a mileage limit.

The fleet manager also has real-time access to information about unexpected bugs and problems so they can be resolved quickly.

Our Solution

To address the problems caused by speeding, Skytrack has developed a complete solution that allows tracking of each driver’s driving behavior and speed limitation via GPS tracker. Initially, the fleet manager can, through the GPRS monitoring platform, set a speed limit for each vehicle individually or for all of them and then be informed in real time in case of speed limits. The actual speed of the vehicle can be easily detected using one of the three available methods – speedometer data, GNSS data or OBD device data, depending on the vehicle and the type of tracker device installed.

The best option for implementing this solution is to install a GPS tracker with OBD data. The data required to implement this solution include:

Odometer / distance traveled: Based on the device installed in the vehicle, the distance traveled will be calculated either using a virtual odometer solution or by receiving real odometer data from the car system.

DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes): Get information about errors or actual error codes depending on the capabilities of the car system.

In addition, door traps can be added to control the safety of the cargo, as well as special temperature and humidity sensors (certified to the European standard EN 12830), ensuring that the goods are delivered in excellent condition and were at the right temperature throughout route.

In addition to the data used to monitor fleet maintenance programs, Skytrack GPS trackers can provide other useful information, such as fuel level, engine speed, chamber temperature, engine condition and more.

At Skytrack we recognize that every business is unique. For this reason we offer solutions tailored to the data and needs of each business.

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