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We all have our own driving style. Most of the time, however, we do not think about how much this affects the fuel consumption and maintenance of our vehicles.

Road behaviors such as “aggressive” driving, sudden braking, sudden acceleration and speeding are a threat not only to the driver himself but also to other drivers and pedestrians. In addition, such instances of driving behavior lead to increased operating costs while producing more exhaust emissions, thus increasing the negative environmental impact on our planet.

This tactic may not be a problem for a few trucks, but it does become a serious problem when handling hundreds of vehicles. The process is very time consuming, complicated and sometimes completely impossible due to the distance. For example if a truck is in a distant city or even in another country, it is very difficult to get this data on time.

Our Solution

Skytrack provides the solution with the Eco Driving function:

Eco Driving collects data on acceleration, braking, speeding, sharp turns and idle engine status (open engine without moving the vehicle). This information is analyzed in real time by the GPRS fleet management platform. If the received values ​​exceed the predefined limits, then their fleet manager will be notified immediately on his computer and mobile.

In addition, if a buzzer is installed in the vehicle, it is possible to notify the driver for exceeding the limits, so that he knows when he has violated and thus be trained in the proper use of his vehicle.

If the driver also uses the vehicle for personal travel, he can switch between private and business travel modes to stop data recording.

Motivation of drivers:
To motivate drivers even more, it is possible to rate them based on their driving rating. The administrator can define through GPRS what will be recorded and what will be graded, thus creating a driver rating system, specifically tailored to the needs of the company. GPRS will then collect data and rate it automatically based on criteria set by the fleet manager. This way, the best drivers can be rewarded and others can be trained to drive safer.

Eco Driving is a great example of how modern technology can help not only grow businesses, but also increase road safety and reduce the negative impact on

There are two ways to calculate the parameters of Eco Driving, depending on the vehicle and the type of tracker device used: GPS data and accelerometer.

GPS data is quite reliable and does not require additional settings or supported software to work. Accelerometer data, on the other hand, is more accurate and ensures uninterrupted operation of the system even if the GPS signal is temporarily lost, such as in tunnels or underground car parks. However, in order to use the latter method, the appropriate device must be used and the vehicle type must be able to read specific data.

In any case, our technical department can guide you step by step in finding the best possible solution for your fleet and in configuring the eco driving parameters.

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