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It is a common practice for most companies to maintain a form of employee work record where working hours are recorded, such as on printed time sheets, time logs, entry / exit timers and more.

For employees of corporate fleets or specialist vehicle operators in construction, forestry, agriculture, healthcare, mining and similar industries, printed record sheets are still widely used today.

However, this recording method has several disadvantages as staff members may be late in recording, making mistakes or filling in incomplete information.

But even if everything is done correctly, the printed sheets of paper can be damaged or even lost, causing bigger problems.

To address this, Skytrack offers an automated system for measuring driver working hours through the GPRS platform, allowing each business to tailor data logging to their own needs.

Our Solution

The method is based on the use of appropriate GPS tracker devices with the 1-Wire method in combination with an RFID (or iButton) identification card and of course the GPRS fleet management platform.

Each mobile driver is given an RFID ID card or iButton device. When a shift starts, the driver uses his card in the vehicle identification device to initiate the identification and registration process.

If the authentication is successful, an electronic start date and time of start shift will be created and registered.

Conversely, if the authentication fails, the driver will not have the right to use the vehicle and will not be able to start it.

At the end of the shift, the driver can reuse the RFID card in the vehicle identification device to enter an electronic date and time signature for the end of the shift.

Depending on the needs of the company and the specifics of each project, the authentication can be fully customized for each driver or vehicle, providing the necessary rights and information.

With Skytrack GPS trackers, all vehicle fleet data is collected and recorded, such as their real-time location, drivers’ working hours, driving hours, mileage, speed, fuel consumption and more.

Similarly, if the same vehicle is used by more than one driver, then GPRS allows each individual to be monitored as well as the relevant data, their costs and their productivity (or any other key performance indicator) to be monitored during their operation

As a result, all actions of the workforce are methodically recorded in real time without paperwork, human error and delays, improving business efficiency and employee safety.

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