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Violations of working and rest time are a major problem in the logistics industry. As a result of these violations, fines and penalties of thousands of euros are imposed.

The Logistics industry is strictly controlled in most parts of the world and especially in Europe, which requires the presentation of data by digital tachographs every month and in a specific format. The usual practice until today was for companies to “download” this data by going naturally to each vehicle and connecting each tachograph separately.

This tactic may not be a problem for a few trucks, but it does become a serious problem when handling hundreds of vehicles. The process is very time consuming, complicated and sometimes completely impossible due to the distance. For example if a truck is in a distant city or even in another country, it is very difficult to get this data on time.

Our Solution

Skytrack offers a complete tachograph data logging and fleet management solution with the GPRS platform.

Our devices can receive tachograph data and / or read driver identification data, tacho live data and Tacho / FMS (TachoCAN) data from a digital tachograph via the CAN line. Devices are also able to read tachograph data in real time via the K-line connection.

The second and most important part of the solution offered is the software and specifically the GPRS fleet management platform, which offers:

Driver and vehicle file download:
The digital tachograph remote download solution allows direct access to driver and vehicle card data. Once the driver inserts the card into the tachograph, GPRS automatically checks if it needs to be downloaded and starts it if necessary.

Scheduled and automated downloads:
Every business is unique. GPRS allows the tachograph data download program to be defined and adapted to meet the needs of each business. For example, it can be done once a month, every week or starting from a specific date, e.g. on the first day of the month.

Integrations with tachograph file analysis solutions:
Receiving data is only the first step in ensuring tachograph compliance. Next, the data must be analyzed using tachograph file analysis solutions. GPRS has a built-in tachograph file analysis system that allows you to collect and analyze all the necessary information in one place. Alternatively, tachograph files can be linked to other tachograph data analysis platforms.

Track tachograph calibration dates:
Digital tachographs require recalibration once every two years. Via GPRS, automated service reminders can be set for all upcoming tachograph calibrations, so they are always done at the scheduled time.

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