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Agricultural Solutions

Agricultural Solutions

To meet the growing demand for agricultural products and meet the many challenges affecting the agricultural industry, modern farmers need to be more innovative, efficient and competitive.

Skytrack provides everything a modern farmer needs for the daily recording and automation of the production process, while securing all the necessary equipment from theft attempts.

There are many factors that affect agriculture – weather, climate change, economic, environmental, political factors, supply and demand issues of agricultural products and much more. One of the most important challenges in large-scale agriculture (which includes special equipment, components and types of machinery for soil cultivation, planting, harvesting) is the effective management of vehicles and the automation of processes.

Our Solution

To address these issues, Skytrack has developed an advanced tracking solution combining GPS tracker devices with the GPRS fleet management platform. Solutions are not limited to vehicle tracking, but also include a variety of additional farm equipment and accessories.

BLE ID Beacons are mounted on a variety of non-motorized agricultural tools, agricultural machinery, parts and accessories to be monitored remotely. With wireless communication of devices, the installation process is easy, fast and low cost.

At the same time, Skytrack advanced GPS tracker devices (such as the FMB140) are installed in agricultural vehicles such as tractors, harvesters, loaders, balers, all-terrain vehicles, etc. Each Beacon ID transmits a unique signal, which is read separately by GPS tracker devices. The data is then sent to the GPRS management platform for analysis and viewing.

The location of all Beacon IDs (and accessories covered) is automatically determined based on the vehicle’s GPS tracker devices. All monitoring and recording processes are done automatically in real time and are accessible at any time through any modern device with Internet access. The same procedure can be used for indoor monitoring such as in warehouses, farmhouses, barns and olive mills.

As a result, every farmer or company knows exactly what work has been done in which areas and can plan their next actions based on all available data. This method comes to replace handwritten notes, which are inaccurate and do not fully capture the volume of work.

The FMB140, like any Skytrack GPS tracker, offers a host of additional features that are just as useful as live tracking, such as green driving, intercept detection, idle detection, remote control , battery disconnection detection, towing detection, fault detection, automatic and manual barriers and of course remote

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