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Agricultural Fleet Maintenance

From tractors and harvesters to sprayers and mowers, there is a wide range of equipment used in agriculture. Agricultural machinery is complex in itself, with a number of issues to consider for its managers such as productivity, safety, fuel costs and of course timely vehicle maintenance.

Keeping equipment in good condition is vital. The loss of many or even one vehicle due to unexpected failures can cause significant complications in scheduled operations.

Using paper to maintain a scheduled fleet maintenance file is time consuming and inefficient, as maintenance errors or delays can easily occur, leading to additional costs and potential safety hazards for vehicle operators.

Our Solution

The maintenance process can be automated with the help of Skytrack GPS trackers. Monitoring maintenance schedules is easy and efficient, with reminders when vehicles need service based on mileage, harvest time or other user-adjustable parameters.

The best option for implementing this solution is to install advanced GPS tracker FMB130 with ALL-CAN300 CAN data reader. This component can monitor CAN data from any type of vehicle, including agricultural machinery!

Error information is sent directly through the GPRS platform to the owner: for example, problems related to the engine, brakes or tire pressure.

In addition to the data used for fleet maintenance, a CAN device can provide other useful information, such as harvest area, cutting yield, grain moisture, threshing, etc. The information that can be collected depends on the model of the vehicle, the year of its construction and the equipment it has.

Skytrack GPS trackers have a variety of useful features, such as the ability to connect door sensors, camera start detection, driver identification and more. Additional Bluetooth sensors can be installed to control the machines connected to each vehicle, while the sensors will measure humidity and temperature and detect motion.

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